Broken Boiler – Need a Boiler Repair?

Broken Boiler – Need a Boiler Repair?

Is your Boiler Broken?

If your boiler stops working and you need a boiler repair, it can lead to a lot of disruption to your daily life and it is important that you get your boiler repaired / fixed quickly. Before you call out a boiler engineer, there are some basic checks you can carry out yourself, or you can try our troubleshooting tool.

Signs your Boiler might be Broken and you need a Boiler Repair
Sounds – If you hear unusual sounds coming from your boiler, such as clanging, this might signal an issue Pilot Light – If your boiler has a pilot light, this should be lit and be a blue colour. If its orange, or not lit then check how to restart or reset your boiler in the boiler manual Pressure – If your boiler keeps losing its pressure, or the pressure is high, this could be a sign your boiler is broken and you need a boiler repair.

What to check before calling an Engineer

1. Do you have power?

​Without power your boiler wont work. Check if your boiler is on, by checking the display and making sure that it’s lit and your timings are as they were. A power cut could have reset your boiler. If your boiler isn’t on, try resetting the boiler by following the instructions in the manual.

2. Gas Supply

The best way to identify if you have got an issue with your gas supply is to check other appliances in your house, such as a gas hob. If your other appliances also have an issue, this suggests that you have got a problem with your gas supply. Contact your gas supplier as this is the likely problem.

3. Water Supply

If you have no water supply to your property, you will not have any hot water. Check you have water to your property by running a tap. If you haven’t got any water supply then contact your local water provider.

4. Turn up your thermostat

Make sure that your thermostat is turned up above room temperature and see if it kicks in. Alternatively if you have your heating set on a timer, make sure the clock is set to the correct time.

5. Reset your boiler

Try resetting your boiler by following the manufacturers’ manual